About Badgerscanner

Badgerscanner is a little web project I dreamt up one day while casually wasting valuable company time repeatedly tapping refresh on one of those oh-so-delectable "one deal at a time" sites. Then it struck me. I thought, "Wait! What the hell am I doing wasting valuable company time surfing for bargains on the internet? How pathetic! Right? I COULD be wasting valuable company time building a website to do it instead!" And so Badgerscanner was born. And here it is. Please feel free to poke around, sign up, and let me know what you think.

Here's how it works. Badgerscanner constantly scans a variety of "one deal at a time" websites and logs what those sites are currently selling, and for how much moolah. You, as a loyal Badgerscanner disciple, can then choose to be notified by email and a personal RSS feed when something you are looking for shows up on one of those sites. Cool huh? Yes, it is. It is a beautifully gluttonous celebration of our unquenchable consumerism. Glug glug indeed.

Oh, and it's totally friggin free. No catch. It is my gift to you. Just for being you.

Badgerscanner scans around 10 sites at the moment, which mostly focus on my personal weakness, outdoor gear. I've tried to build it so it's easy to add new ones though, so I am adding new ones here and there. If there are some you'd like to see here, use the contact form to let me know. I'll do what I can to make it happen capt'n.

Also, please feel free to me know of any bugs or annoyances you come across as well as any suggestions you have to better the badger up.

One last thing. A few people have asked, "Why is there a picture of a little boy at the top of the page?" Excellent question. And the answer is I'm not going to tell you. If you recognize him, then you already know why he is there. He is our holy leader. If you don't recognize him, then you need to start spending less time surfing silly websites, and spend more time watching classic 80's movies, building space shuttles and picking up trashy women.

That is all. Enjoy!

- Badger